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ENG: Weekly Tarotscope: Predictions and Influences week 26, 2024 according to my Tarot Cards

MB Nova's Tarotscope - Est. 2009 by Marita Bladh

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Hey there, beautiful soul, and welcome to this week's Tarotscope!

This week, you may face a difficult choice of some kind. Perhaps one option is very good for you, and another option is best for someone else (friends or family). Even if it feels difficult, choose the option that benefits you, but also figure out how you can compensate the others in a way that makes them feel truly satisfied. 🥰

This week, there are many new ideas circulating in the Universe. These could be new inventions, ideas for books or artworks, or new ways of doing things. You don't need to be at a high expert level to participate; you too can be part of this flow. Perhaps you have been seeking information or inspiration to try something new? Here comes your chance. Keep your eyes, ears, and intuition open to take part in this wonderful flow of new ideas. (You know, you and I rarely have our own new ideas; they come from a "higher place." 🥰

This week, it is also particularly advantageous to: Buy long-lasting items such as a new car, bicycle, new appliances, property, or furniture. Think sustainability and a broader perspective. 🥰

💰 Economic Tip: This week, it is important to take time to reflect on your financial habits and needs. The card suggests that you may feel bored or dissatisfied with your current situation, which can lead to impulsive purchases. Avoid impulse buying this week.

👩‍💼💼👨‍💼 Business Tip: This week, it is important to celebrate your successes and be proud of what you have achieved in your business while planning for the future. 9 of Cups represents satisfaction and fulfillment, which is a good sign that you are on the right path with your business.

Tip: Use this time of success to reinvest in your business. This could involve upgrading equipment, expanding your product range, or investing in staff development. Celebrating your successes with a strategic mindset can help both you and your business continue to grow.

✨ Lucky Color this Week: Olive green. Lucky Number: 42

Numerological Meaning of Number 42

Balance and Harmony: The number 42 combines the energies of the numbers 4 and 2. Number 4 stands for stability, practicality, and hard work, while number 2 represents diplomacy, cooperation, and harmony. Together, they symbolize a balance between these aspects.

Creativity and Expression: 4 + 2 = 6, and in numerology, number 6 stands for creativity, responsibility, and love for home and family. This indicates that 42 is also associated with expressing creativity in a responsible and loving way.

Service and Compassion: 42 is also a number that emphasizes the importance of being helpful and supportive to others. It implies that a person with this number may feel a strong calling to be of service to their community.

In summary, the number 42 symbolizes a balance between work and relationships, as well as a creative and responsible attitude towards life and other people.


🌟 TIP OF THE WEEK: Have you just been going with the flow for a while? This week, it is important that you take charge of your life, your decisions, your dreams, and your desires. Remember, no one is (or should) be more wholeheartedly on your side than you yourself.

🌟 ADVICE OF THE WEEK: When something goes wrong or when you have lost someone or something, it is important to grieve the loss. But it is also important to remember the good and positive aspects. If you are feeling a loss right now, reflect on the good times to create balance and a sense of gratitude within you.

🚧 OBSTACLE OF THE WEEK: This week, it is important to be patient. Many people fail to reach their goals because they give up too soon. Remember, you and the Universe might have different timelines. Just because you didn’t get what you wanted on a specific date doesn’t mean you won’t get it soon.

Yoga Affirmation

🙏 AFFIRMATION: Here's an affirmation from my Tarot School, based on this week's card; Queen of Swords.

  • 🌟 I am clear and focused in my thoughts and decisions.

A great affirmation for all of us, and especially for those who sometimes feel indecisive or, for some reason, have difficulty thinking clearly and focused sometimes. 💖


💖 COUPLES: This week, it is especially important and beneficial to communicate openly and honestly with your partner about your feelings and fears. The 8 of Swords indicates that you may feel stuck or restricted in your marriage/relationship, possibly due to misunderstandings or unspoken issues. Have the courage to talk about what worries you and work together to find solutions. Being transparent and open will free both of you from the feeling of confinement.

💖 SINGLES: This week looks favorable for meeting someone where art or beauty is the focus. This could be at an art exhibition or a beautiful garden, for example. Best of luck! 🥰



By living according to these principles and energies every day, you can create a balanced and meaningful week filled with personal growth, love, and success.

🎯 Monday (10 of Pentacles - A Monday of Stability and Goals): Start the week with a strong focus on your long-term stability and well-being. The 10 of Pentacles symbolizes fulfillment and material success through perseverance and focus. It’s a day to identify your goals and create a concrete plan to achieve them. Ensure you have a solid foundation to build on for the rest of the week.

🔥 Tuesday (King of Wands - A Tuesday of Leadership and Passion): Take the lead today and show your passion and energy for what you are passionate about. The King of Wands represents creativity, entrepreneurship, and determination. Inspire others with your enthusiasm and vision. Be open to new ideas and take the initiative to drive projects forward with your natural leadership style. (This applies both in family life, community activities, and at work.)

📊 Wednesday (7 of Pentacles - A Wednesday of Evaluation and Adjustment): Today is the day to evaluate your success and be prepared to adjust your plan if needed. The 7 of Pentacles indicates assessment and analysis of your financial situation or your progress towards your goals. Ensure you are investing your time and energy in a way that yields long-term and sustainable results, no matter what it involves. Be patient and methodical in your efforts.

🧠 Thursday (2 of Swords - A Thursday of Reflection and Clarity): Take time today to reflect and create clarity in your thoughts. The 2 of Swords symbolizes balance, decisiveness, and harmony. It’s important to take a break to rest and recover, allowing you to make well-founded decisions and handle any conflicts or obstacles calmly and effectively.

🎨 Friday (Page of Cups - A Friday of Curiosity and Creativity): Open your heart today to new opportunities and emotional experiences. The Page of Cups represents youthful enthusiasm, curiosity, and inspiration. Be playful in your exploration of new relationships, creative projects, or personal interests. Be open to meeting new people and exploring new ideas with a curious and open mindset.

🌿 Saturday (8 of Swords - A Saturday of Liberation and Self-Reflection): Work on freeing yourself from mental shackles and limiting thought patterns today. The 8 of Swords symbolizes overcoming obstacles through self-reflection and self-care. Focus on managing stress, creating inner peace, and a balanced lifestyle. Take time to identify and let go of negative thoughts or situations that are holding you back.

💡 Sunday (Ace of Swords - A Sunday of New Inspiration and Clarity): Today brings new inspiration and clarity. The Ace of Swords symbolizes new ideas, mental clarity, and focus. Harness this energy to start new ideas or projects with enthusiasm and sharpness of thought. It’s an excellent day to plan ahead and initiate new ventures that will benefit you in the long run.


That's all for this week! Thanks for reading my Weekly Tarotscope!  😊🙏💖

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