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Distance Healing

Free. Powerful. Reiki Healing. Since 2009

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♥ Since 2009, Marita Bladh at MB Nova has been offering free distance healing, attracting thousands of participants from all over the world! Marita pioneered the delivery of distance healing via Facebook in Sweden. Initiated and trained by both Swedish and Global Reiki Masters, she has held the title of Reiki Master since 1998.

♥ Submit your healing request lik this:

Sign up via the form above. (If the form doesn't accept your registration, it's likely due to an incorrect email address or a space in your email address. If you encounter problems, contact Marita at Please note that you must submit a new request each time.

♥ To receive healing, do this:

Find a comfortable sitting or lying position. Relax, tune in, and set your intention to participate in distance healing, expressing your desire to receive assistance with a specific issue or to welcome energy for your 'highest good.' If you prefer, you can enhance the atmosphere by playing soft music and lighting a candle.

Read more tips here on how to receive healing >>


♥ Send love to others, especially to children facing hardships:

I invite everyone actively participating to take a moment and send a brief, loving thought to all others joining at this moment - and also extend your thoughts to children around the world facing difficulties.

For instance, contemplate within yourself: 'I send a thought of love and light to everyone taking part in tonight's distance healing at MB Nova, and to all the wonderful children in the world. Imagine the collective force we create - thank you in advance!

 Please note that active participation is not required. Just submit your request, and the energy will reach you at the most suitable time. So, feel free to go to bed if it's getting late.

Together, we make the world just a little bit better

Marita Bladh - Grand Reiki Master
-Together, we raise the vibration on Earth, one person at a time.

Would you like to make a donation?


MB Nova's distance healing is offered free of charge. If you would like to make a donation, please use: Paypal > 


Marita's Reiki Training:

  • 1997 - Reiki Step 1 - Sweden

  • 1998 - Reiki Step 2 - USA

  • 1998 - Reiki ART / Personal Master, USA

  • 2017 - Reiki Teacher - Sverige


Marita has also been trained in Animal Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Money Reiki


Marita's Story:

Marita's Reiki Story
Heart Shape Balloon

Coming soon!

Tips for receiving healing


I receive numerous questions about how to go about receiving healing. Here are some tips for those who are unfamiliar; do what feels right and good for you!


Love, Marita 

 Introduction:  Light a candle, preferably play some calming music. Bring your palms together in front of your chest and raise your hands upward, outward, and apart - like a Y. Say: "I am now opening my mental space." Close your eyes and mentally draw a circle of light around yourself, imagining that only good, loving energies enter the circle.

 Ground Yourself:  Sit or lie down comfortably, loosen any tight clothing. Take a deep breath, hold it, and exhale powerfully. Repeat this three times. Visualize yourself grounded and in harmony with Mother Earth. Picture roots extending from your feet, winding down into the earth. Draw up red energy from Mother Earth, allowing it to spread upward through your body. Then, direct your attention upward toward the universe and imagine a stream of white, flowing, loving light. Picture this beam flowing down through you and your entire body.

 Intention and Breathing: Set your intention, thinking about participating in the healing (e.g., Marita at MB Nova is holding right now), and that you wish to receive healing and loving energies for a specific issue - and/or for your highest good. Send a thought of light and love to everyone participating in the healing. Place your hands on your abdomen and focus on your breath. Concentrate on how the air enters through your nose and goes down into your stomach. Continue focusing on your breath for as long as you can/want. Alternatively, focus on the music, sensing how the tones change, rise, fall, and how good it is for your body and mind. Just be still, enjoy, and accept the thoughts and feelings that pass. Imagine that you are in perfect harmony with everything happening.

 Say Thank you:  When the healing is complete, kindly thank the one who provided healing and everyone else who participated. If you wish, you can also express gratitude to your angels, guides, Mother Earth, and the Universe. Close your mental space by reversing the Y - start from the top/outward and bring your hands together in a downward motion.

 After: Don't forget to extinguish the candle. Go and drink a large glass of refreshing water. Remember to drink plenty of water the day after healing; it aids the body in any potential detoxification. Take it easy and rest when you can. Keep in mind that some symptoms may feel more intense the day after and then gradually subside.

I wish you a wonderful healing experience! 


Text: Marita Bladh at MB Nova,

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