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About Marita

Mother. Mentor. Senior Tarot Consultant. CBT Therapist. Grand Reiki Master. ICC Certified Coach & Dog Lover. 

About Marita


Marita Bladh

Here to serve.

Intuitive Tarot Consultant, Reiki Master & International Certified Coach. CBT Therapist. Project Manager and Business Developer. Personal and spiritual development through coaching, guidance, courses and training.

⭐️Guiding Star:

Spirituality with quality & integrity

Marita founded MB Nova in Sweden, 1999 and has worked as a conversational partner with a special focus on blending intuitive guidance with personal and spiritual development, along with knowledge of the Law of Attraction, cognitive thought reconstruction, individual coaching, family coaching, and love/marriage coaching for over 25 years.


Marita also draws inspiration from methods such as the Silva Method, Sedona Method, NLP, EFT, meditation, Healing Code, among others. Marita is an ICC Certified Coach from the Scandinavian Leadership School. She has been a Reiki Master since 1998 and has also initiated MB Nova Academy, offering comprehensive and inspiring learning in spirituality, Tarot, and Reiki healing."

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Discovering Marita's Story: In Her Own Words


I was born and raised in Sweden. I carry an authentic curiosity and a genuine desire to assist you in discovering answers and solutions amidst the myriad possibilities and challenges life presents. My guiding support extends to both men and women.

Much like my mother and grandmother, I possess a natural psychic ability. My journey with tarot cards commenced over 30 years ago, where each card, color, and symbol serves as a conduit for my intuition. The narratives woven by these cards unveil a realm where the answers to your queries exist. Yet, I go beyond simply offering answers. Should I discern a more positive path or opportunity, I employ all my tools to help you alter your course and attain the happiness you truly deserve.

My spiritual odyssey underwent a significant transformation when my husband passed away suddenly in 1995, leaving me with two young children. Driven by a thirst for understanding, I immersed myself in the enchanting world of tarot cards. Thanks to the Internet, I discovered two wonderful teachers in the USA who guided me to become a Reiki Master.


Evenings were dedicated to reading course materials for my little ones in English (remember that my native language is Swedish😊), narrated with a fairy-tale voice. They were so young; they might not have comprehended fully, but they listened with great attention. ❤️

Feel free to ask me about absolutely everything (except birth/death). Whether you're contemplating a career change, investing in love, pursuing education, acquiring a pet, a home, or something else exciting, life's labyrinth may pose countless questions, and I am here to help you uncover your answers in a clear, honest and inspirational way. I have experience from thousands of hours of conversation to clients.

My life's journey has bestowed upon me a wealth of experiences, not only in the spiritual realm but also in the global business landscape. This enables me to connect with virtually any topic you may inquire about. With thousands of hours spent in conversations, coaching, and guidance, I've likely encountered and assisted people in almost every subject imaginable. No question is too peculiar or too trivial for my ears. Beyond the realm of tarot cards, I aspire to be a responsive, amicable, sincere, and, above all, an honest companion. Your well-being is my top priority.

In recent years, I delved into studying the dynamics of the masculine/feminine in relationships, utilizing my knowledge to help individuals thrive in love, relationships, and marriage. Additionally, I bring a wealth of life experience as a Reiki Master and ICC Certified Life Coach. My fascination lies in both spiritual and personal development. Throughout the years, I've gained insights into various meditation techniques, mental training, and mindfulness. Another special interest of mine is the Law of Attraction.

Feel encouraged to share your questions, challenges, and musings with me; confidentiality is assured. Let us embark on a journey together to explore the magic that can be awakened through insights and spiritual conversations.


About MB Nova

Founded in Sweden by Marita Bladh. Est. 1999. Tax and VAT Registered

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