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Your Birthday Angel

Hope. Comfort. Love. Joy. 6 pages.

Your Birthday Angel

"Your Angel" contains:

  1. About Angels – Generally

  2. About Archangels, Earth Angels, Guardian Angels, Peace Angels, Healing Angels, and Celestial Angels

  3. Introduction to Your Angel

  4. How Your Angel Can Help You

  5. Advice and Knowledge about Yourself

  6. 15 Special Facts and How You Can Make Contact with Your Angel

  7. Message to You from Your Angel

  8. Prayer/Affirmation to Your Angel


All zodiac signs have their own Archangel. Get to know yours and how to connect with it!


Have you often felt lonely and lost? Perhaps you don't know that, from the day you were born, you have had an Angel who has accompanied you through all the ups and downs of life, tailored to your zodiac sign and always by your side? Finally, it's time for you to find out which Angel is yours and how to connect with it!

  • Take the time to truly get to know your angel, feel their loving energy, and listen to their heartwarming messages. You are never alone, and when you open your heart, you will feel an infinite love and support that is always there when you need it.

  • Are you longing for someone to comfort you when you're sad, someone to listen to you when you need guidance, or when you need answers to a question or strength to go through a tough challenge in life?

  • Your angel is always there, ready to support you when you ask for it. The energy of the angels brings comfort and hope, and they are gentle and bright. Their presence is easy to recognize; they make you feel calm and enveloped in love and joy.

"Your Angel" will be delivered digitally as a PDF file and contains lots of details about your specific angel. We will send it to your inbox. Make sure you leave the correct email address and please provide day/month of birth when placing the order.

Marita's story - Your Ange
Marita's dogs Atlas och Kelsey
Marita @ MB Nova picking chantrells

Atlas & Kelsey

Marita's Story: I often find comfort in reaching out to my Angel, seeking their guidance and protection, especially in moments of uncertainty or when I'm in dark or unfamiliar places. I also ask for their help, not just for my own safety, but also for the well-being of my darling dogs during our walks in rugged terrain.


And, on a lighter note, I've been known to request a little divine assistance in discovering nature's treasures, like chanterelles and other delightful mushrooms. 🍄 And, of course it works, every time. 😊

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