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Healing Bootcamp: Past Lives & Generational Karma

"This is Step 1. Step 2 is offered as a continuation."

Distance Healing. Raised Frequency. Transformation across 167 Generations. Spiritual Teachings. 30 days.

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Are you experiencing challenges in your relationships, decision making, managing finances, maintaining good health, or are you struggling with low self-esteem?

Generational Karma: Unraveling the Threads of  Ancestral Legacy

In the tapestry of human existence, there exists a subtle yet profound force that binds us to our past, shaping the present and influencing the future. This force is known as generational karma – the intricate web of energies, actions, and experiences passed down through the ages, woven into the very fabric of our familial lineage.

Like whispers carried on the winds of time, generational karma whispers of the triumphs and tribulations of our ancestors, echoing through the corridors of history to find resonance in our lives today. It speaks of the joys and sorrows, the blessings and burdens, that have been handed down from generation to generation, shaping our beliefs, behaviors, and destinies.

But generational karma is not merely a story of inheritance; it is a living, breathing tapestry of interconnectedness, where the actions of our forebears ripple through time, leaving an indelible imprint on our souls. It is a reminder that we are not isolated beings, but threads in the intricate weave of humanity, bound together by the invisible threads of karma.

  1. What if your current challenges aren't solely yours, but part of a long lineage stretching across generations and centuries?

  2. What if you could break these patterns and script a new, positive narrative? We inherit not only physical traits but also the strategies we employ in navigating life's trials.

  3. Have you ever noticed that you grapple with the same or similar challenges as your parents—or that your children encounter similar struggles to yours?

  4. It's not mere chance. Just as genetic characteristics are inherited, so too are patterns in problem-solving, financial management, health, and self-esteem, among all....

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But what if you could break that chain of karma? This Bootcamp goes beyond just addressing the symptoms—we give you the tools to fundamentally change things in your life that are causing problems for you. By healing yourself, you don't only break your own negative patterns but also influence the generations that come after you. Let go of inherited baggage and embrace the opportunity for change. Let your journey of self-discovery and healing begin now, across 167 generations and throughout all times!

You will receive healing for: 


- The present, past, and future

- Your subconscious mind, higher self, and conscious mind

-  Previous lives and karma

- Your body and all 7 layers of your aura

- The generations before you, relatives, and ancestors up to 7 generations back (including you, your parents, and extending to your maternal great-great-great-grandparents - totaling 127 individuals)


Not everything is your fault!


So, what if many of the problems you're experiencing in your life today aren't even your "fault"? Wouldn't that feel less burdensome, perhaps liberating and empowering?

If you think about it, you can probably identify some physical or mental issues that your mother or father has, or had. Where did they get it from in turn? And if you have children, with certain troubles, perhaps you've wondered at times, where did they get them from?

Just as we inherit predispositions to develop certain illnesses, we can also inherit patterns for how we handle problems, how we are mentally, dependencies on alcohol and tobacco, financial issues, self-confidence and self-worth, choices of work and partner - and much more.

When you heal one person, often the entire chain of people is healed - both backward in time and into the future.

What could you possibly have in common with a Matryoshka Babushka / Nesting Doll? 🥰

Imagine if we were all like nesting dolls, each layer revealing traits inherited from previous generations. Just like the intricate design of a matryoshka doll, within each of us lies a multitude of characteristics passed down through the ages. As we peel back the layers, we uncover a rich tapestry of familial influences, cultural heritage, and ancestral wisdom, shaping who we are and how we navigate the world.


With every generation, new layers are added, enriching the intricate patterns of our collective heritage. Just as each doll in a set is unique yet connected to the whole, so too are we, intricately woven into the fabric of our lineage, carrying forward the legacy of those who came before us.


Participate in the Bootcamp on your own terms


However, when we collaborate, the results are at their best! Read the informative and inspiring teachings that I send every day at your convenience. The same applies to healing – you can even receive healing while you sleep. Sometimes you may forget, sometimes you may not have time, but remember that the more you contribute with 15 minutes a day, the better I can do my job to help you both physically and mentally, on all levels and through all dimensions. Duration, Healing Bootcamp: 30 days.


Price: $39 /Value:  $189.


  1. Step by step insctruction on how to open and activate your 3rd eye chakra.

  2. Enjoy each day with an inspiring email delivering lessons in the art of living and spiritual wisdom!


Price: $89 /Value: $288


  1. Step by step insctruction on how to open and activate your 3rd eye chakra.

  2. Enjoy each day with an inspiring email delivering lessons in the art of living and spiritual wisdom!

  3. Personal call (on Whatsapp) with Marita, 60 minutes (value $99), where she identifies your generational karma, that affects you today, and initiates the healing process.

All other information you need to know; methods, how to receive healing, etc. will be sent to you in an email once your booking and payment are complete.

A few words from other participants:

"Thank you dear Marita for this course. It has helped me in more ways than I can express. I am a completely new person with new prospects - after just 30 days. It's incredible, and it feels unnecessary to have felt bad for so many years as I have... I feel equipped for life in a way I haven't before. I understand so much better how things are connected, and the daily emails were something I looked forward to every day, like little candies of insight and knowledge. I finally feel pure, happy, and strong again, and my husband says it shows and it's noticeable! Thank you beloved Marita! / Lena."

"Many thanks 💗 I truly feel different, found myself again and inner peace, had a really tough period since July, lost all trust, didn't want to continue. Now I have joy in my face, started exercising and planning a new business 💗 Overflowing gratitude to you with light & Love from me 💜 warm hug Cecilia."

"Hello! A thousand thanks for the healing. It was very good, both with the email every day which was great inspiration. As well as your professional and ambitious material with instructions etc. Excellent, especially with the instruction for receiving healing and healing the entire family lineage. I have felt different emotions during the month, both sadness and old feelings. I feel that something has changed within me and when I think about and meet my family, I feel relief. The instructions and music for receiving the healing were great. Because then I found it easier to focus and it became almost like meditation. Very rewarding. Namaste 🙏😇 Maria."

"I am so happy that I also chose the session you have about past lives. Wow, so cool! I really believe one inherits a lot of crap, unfortunately. :-) Good that there are ways to free oneself! I also believe that the course has affected my daughter; she seems happier and hasn't had a headache in several weeks!! Thank you for being there, I am so grateful that I found you but probably I had help from the Universe, right?!? Big hug, Anna."


Marita's Story:

This is How the Bootcamp Came About

In the serendipitous dance of fate, Healing Bootcamp: Past Lives & Generational Karma came into being. It was as if the universe conspired, weaving together threads of chance and destiny to bring forth a sanctuary of healing and transformation. At the heart of it all stood Marita, guided by intuition and inspired by a profound experience that transcended time and space.

While chatting with a friend over the phone, she asked me to tune into the energy of an old farmhouse in Sweden that her daughter had just purchased. In my mind's eye, I was immediately flooded with images and stories of previous owners from over 100 years ago. The level of detail was astonishing; I could recount the lives of a particular family who had resided there and the hardships they endured. What struck me was the realization that my friend lived in the house during that time, and in the narrative, I saw myself as one of the neighboring women. It was an astonishing feeling to know that I had also been there!

The family had experienced a profound loss of a child, and there was a palpable sense of pain surrounding the house. Tuning into the energy, I utilized all my tools, resources, and abilities to heal the house's energies. It was liberating, and I could hear a sigh of relief from my friend over the phone. She remarked that a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

It was this experience that prompted me, with gratitude for the inspiration drawn from it, to create this entire Bootcamp several years ago! Since then, I've had the privilege of witnessing countless lives through my clients and have been able to assist many with their past lives, karma, ancestral karma, and childhood traumas. (A 60-minute phone consultation with me is included in the Healing Bootcamp Premium package.)

Since that first time, with my friend, I have seen myself in countless lives. Fortunately, I've never seen myself as a perpetrator, always just a person within the context. I'm immensely grateful for this, as I don't think I could bear knowing or acknowledging any potential harm I might have caused others in past lives.

A Final Word:

This experience has instilled in me a profound sense of humility towards the problems people face, and I take responsibility for helping to solve them. We cannot be certain that we haven't contributed to others' problems in past lives. Thus, it's crucial to be part of the solution in this life. ❤️

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