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Marita Bladh MB Nova

Est. 1999 by Marita Bladh

Healing Bootcamp PREMIUM: Past Lives and Generational Karma

Premium option is the same as the Basic - and:

  • Personal call (on Whatsapp) with Marita, 60 minutes (value $99), where she identifies your generational karma, that affects you today, and initiates the healing process.


Distance Healing. Raised Frequency. Transformation across 167 Generations. Spiritual Teachings. 30 days.




Are you experiencing challenges in your relationships, decision making, managing finances, maintaining good health, or are you struggling with low self-esteem?


Not everything is your fault! So, what if many of the problems you're experiencing in your life today aren't even your "fault"? Wouldn't that feel less burdensome, perhaps liberating and empowering?

6% VAT is included in the price.



Healing Bootcamp PREMIUM: Past Lives and Generational Karma


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