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ENG: Weekly Tarotscope: Predictions and Influences week 24, 2024 according to my Tarot Cards

MB Nova's Tarotscope - Est. 2009 by Marita Bladh

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Hey there, beautiful soul, and welcome to this week's Tarotscope!

🌟 Special intro to Marita's Weekly Tarotscope - week 24:

Finally, it's time for a new week – and perhaps even a fantastic week, as it has all the ingredients to be a real hit! We receive reminders about balance and justice, but also the opportunity to explore other cultures through food, meetings, or captivating music.

Maybe it's time to enhance the coziness at home or invest in a course for your personal growth. The possibilities are many and very enjoyable!

This week, the magical shine of brass is our lucky color, so why not peek into thrift stores and look for some shiny finds? Moreover, when it comes to setting goals or relying on luck, well, who knows, even a broken clock can be right twice a day!

May this week be a cavalcade of personal growth, exciting discoveries, and deep appreciation for all of life's little joys. Embrace the week's adventure with open arms and let the Tarot cards' insight, messages, and wisdom illuminate your path through both challenges and triumphs! 💖

Let Justice Prevail. ⚖️ This week, it's important to focus on finding balance and justice in everything you do. Consider many options before making decisions and try to find solutions that are fair both for you and for others. This will help you create harmony and avoid conflicts this week. Think twice before acting. 🥰

✨ Fly on Wings That Carry You. 🕊️ This is a great week to explore new places and countries – or to experience the world's culture in other ways. 🌍 It could be through art, food, music, or perhaps meetings with people from distant lands. This can lead to new insights, knowledge, and lots of joy! 😊

✨ This week, it is also extra beneficial to: Create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your home. Consider buying a comfortable chair, soft pillows, or a beautiful blanket to make your home (balcony or garden) even more inviting and relaxing. Creating a space where you feel safe and inspired will boost your creativity, well-being, and desire to invite friends and family over, which in turn strengthens your well-being even more. 🌸🛋️ Win-win-win, in other words! 🥰

💰 Economic Tip: Focus on Yourself! This week, it’s important to invest in yourself. It's a great week to buy courses or services that can help you grow, develop, and see your life in a new way. By investing in your own development, you'll gain more opportunities, feel even better, and reach your goals even faster. 🚀🥰

👩‍💼💼👨‍💼 Business Tip: This week, it’s crucial to take initiative and be proactive in your business endeavors. Review your business strategies and identify areas where you can expand your operations or take on new challenges. Be brave and follow your vision, and you will be able to create new exciting opportunities.

✨ Lucky color this week: Brass. Lucky number: 6.

Numerologically, the number 6 represents harmony, balance, and responsibility. It is associated with family, home life, love, and care. The number 6 emphasizes the need to create harmony and peace in your life, both personally and in your relationships. It’s about being caring, empathetic, and taking care of others, while also taking care of yourself.


🌟 TIP OF THE WEEK: This week, it's especially important not to criticize, either yourself or others. As I mentioned in a previous message, think before you act - or speak...

🌟 ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Try to start seeing obstacles as opportunities to become even more creative in solving problems. Believe in yourself. 💖

🚧 CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: If you don't have a plan or goals in life, it doesn't matter much what initiatives you take; the risk of getting lost is high. But, on the other hand... even a broken clock is right twice a day. 😊 Jokes aside... Some people have difficulty setting goals because they don't know who they are or what they want. Some may only know what they don't want. Take some time to get to know yourself and what makes you feel good. Then half the work is done.

Yoga Affirmation

🙏 AFFIRMATION: Here's an affirmation from my Tarot School, based on this weeks card; Four of Pentacles.

  • I deserve success and abundance. I am now opening myself to all the good that life and the Universe have to offer. 🌟

A great affirmation for all of us, and especially for those who tend to think small or have diminishing thoughts about themselves and their lives. Remember: No one gets less because you get more. 💖


💖 COUPLES: This week, it's important not to turn a blind eye, but to be aware of any concerns or worries that may affect the relationship. Communicate openly and honestly with your partner about your feelings or fears. Together, you can work through any minor challenges that may arise. Don't sweep anything under the rug, don't silently endure difficulties, but truly stand by each other's side, be a team. 💖

💖 SINGLES: This week, it looks advantageous to meet someone at a networking event, a creative course, through a charity organization, or another club or association. Good luck! 🥰



Monday (The Sun): Today, it's important to focus on the positive around you. Absorb the energy of the sun and spread joy to those you meet - and thus also to yourself. ☀️ If it's rainy and gray, close your eyes and visualize a little sunshine. 🥰

Tuesday (Two of Wands): It's time to take concrete steps toward your goals. What do you want? Be brave and take initiative to make progress in your projects - whether they are small and everyday or large and grand. 🚀

Wednesday (Six of Cups): Allow yourself to enjoy moments of happiness and joy today. Take the time to appreciate the beautiful moments and the love around you, preferably with children. 💖

Thursday (Page of Wands): Be curious and open to new opportunities today. Something unexpected and fun may happen. Explore new ideas and let your creativity flow freely. Take out paper and pen, or your coloring book, and fill them with pictures and thoughts. 🌟

Friday (Three of Cups): Enjoy companionship and friendship with those you love today. Create memories and share happy moments together. 🥂 If you don't have any relatives or friends, enjoy your favorite program and feel a sense of community with them - after all, they created the program just for you, right? 🥰

Saturday (The Magician): You have the power to create change today. Take control of your own destiny and manifest your dreams unusually quickly, wonderfully, and easily! ✨

Sunday (Ace of Pentacles): This is a day for a new and fresh start with opportunities. Make sure you set your intentions for the week ahead and work towards your long-term goals. An economic boost may come your way. 🌱


That's all for this week! Thanks for reading my Weekly Tarotscope!  😊🙏💖

P.S. In addition to creating the Weekly Tarotscopes and sending free healing 2 times a month, I work with Intuitive Guidance, spiritual courses, and services. Feel free to visit my website > Regards.

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