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ENG: Weekly Tarotscope: Predictions and Influences week 23, 2024 according to my Tarot Cards

MB Nova's Tarotscope - Est. 2009 by Marita Bladh

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Hey there, beautiful soul, and welcome to this week's Tarotscope!

🌟 Intro to Marita's Weekly Tarotscope - week 23:

This will be an exciting and fun week filled with many important components such as avoiding mental fatigue, being in the right place at the right time, and the importance of not isolating yourself. Perhaps an unexpected opportunity will knock on your door, ready to open new paths for those who are focused and persistent. This week is also a reminder to take care of ourselves and enjoy life's small pleasures. For some, that small joy might be a new nail polish, and for others, spending time in their garden. It's so easy to forget the little things, isn't it? Often, it's those small things that lift our spirits. You know, those moments when we are in total balance and harmony, often giving us the extra boost we need to feel harmony and joy in life.

So let's take each day as an opportunity to get closer to our goals. Let's be brave enough to follow our own truth while also being open to support and perspectives from others. Isolation does no one any good, right? May this week be a reminder that we are all woven into the grand tapestry of life, where every step is part of our own unique journey but also an imprint for others to see and be inspired by. Welcome to this week's adventure called life. 💖

When life is moving at full speed. 😊🚗 This week, it’s important to take time for reflection to make well-thought-out decisions. Our first card urges us to balance our thoughts and emotions to see things more clearly. Don’t let uncertainty, mental fatigue, or external pressures (from events or other people) affect your judgment – you ARE a wise person. 🥰 Step back, carefully consider your options, and listen to your inner voice. By doing so, you will make decisions that lead to harmony, better outcomes, and more vitality.

A golden opportunity awaits! The next card indicates that focus and dedication will bring unexpectedly positive results this week. Many of you are on a path that leads to both personal and material success. Surprising opportunities may arise when you least expect them, so keep your eyes open and be ready to act. Focus and persistence are key to manifesting dreams that you usually believe are almost unattainable.

Whether it’s about taking a new step in your career, improving your health, or reaching another important goal, you now have everything you need to succeed. Take each step with confidence and joy and watch how the universe collaborates with you to create magic in your life. Stand tall, smile, and feel the power of being in the right place at the right time. 🥰

This week is also especially favorable for: buying something that lifts your spirits. What it is, is up to each person. For some, it might be a new nail polish; for others, a new lawnmower. 😊 It’s also beneficial to buy and plant a tree - a regular tree or a fruit tree - and to attend a theater or concert.

✨ Lucky color this week: Turquoise. Lucky number: 11.

The spiritual significance of 11 involves enlightenment, inspiration, and a connection to the higher self or divine forces. It is also associated with visions, inspiration, and creativity. As a double digit of number 1, it represents an amplification of its energies, including new beginnings and great potential.

When the number 11 appears, it may indicate that you are on the right path to achieving your highest purposes and that you should trust your inner guidance and intuition to achieve success. It is also said that our archangels often communicate through the number 11 to encourage us and show that we are heading in the right direction in life.


🌟 TIP: To achieve success, focus on taking small and concrete steps each day towards your goals. You don’t need to take giant leaps; instead, think: "What’s my next small step?" Consistency and perseverance are key to building a stable foundation for success this week.

🌟 ADVICE: Be brave enough to stand up for your truth and make decisions based on your own logic and clarity. Don’t let the fear of others' opinions prevent you from acting according to your best judgment. You know best, right?! 🥰

🚧 CHALLENGE: That said, it's not good to isolate yourself from others. Be aware of the risks of making yourself isolated and excluded. Don’t let your search for truth shut out valuable support and useful perspectives from others. Try to find the golden balance between being your own master and being open to others' viewpoints and support.

Yoga Affirmation

🙏 AFFIRMATION: Here's an affirmation from my Tarot School. The card we receive is Eight of Swords from the Minor Arcana. The affirmation reads:

  • I release all worry and doubt and choose to focus on harmony and joy. I am strong enough to handle everything that comes my way. I deserve serenity. 🌟

Great affirmation for all of us, and especially for those who tend to let thoughts of problems take over and shut out joy and zest for life. 😊


💖 COUPLES: This week is perfect for starting a new project together, taking the next step in your relationship, or learning something new as a team. However, the challenge lies in maintaining the energy in the long run. Creating a plan outlining your actions ensures that you'll have the time and stamina to reach the finish line.

💖 SINGLES: This week looks promising for meeting someone in a place of vacation, rest, and relaxation. Best of luck! 🥰


That's all for this week! Thanks for reading my Weekly Tarotscope!  😊🙏💖

P.S. In addition to creating the Weekly Tarotscopes and sending free healing 2 times a month, I work with Intuitive Guidance, spiritual courses, and services. Feel free to visit my website > Regards.

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