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ENG: 📯 The Angels' February message from Archangel Cassiel


New to Marita and MB Nova?

MB Nova was founded in Sweden by Marita Bladh and now she is excited to provide the English-speaking part of the world access to her valued products and services. ❤️ Marita is a Senior Tarot Consultant / Reiki Grand Master /Int. Certifierad Coach / CBT Therapist.

The Angel Message of the Month of February comes from the wonderful Archangel Cassiel. ❤️ This Angel is often associated with calmness, tranquility, silence, and meditation— qualities that we all really need in today's society, right?


By integrating these 7 pieces of advice into your daily life, you will make the most of the love and harmony that the Angel Cassiel represents:


  1. Seek the silence

  2. Embrace the beauty surrounding you in the now

  3. Express love through actions

  4. Prioritize inner peace and harmony

  5. Write down your thoughts and feelings

  6. Create a beautiful space for relaxation

  7. Release yourself from old trauma and sadness


Seek assistance from the Angels: 

Invoke your own personal Angel or Archangel Cassiel for guidance, clarity, help, and inspiration. ❤️



Archangel Cassiel

1.🙏 In the shadows of silence, where the stars dance in the night sky and souls seek peace, walks the Angel Cassiel. A being of light and stillness, Cassiel carries a presence that embraces the solitary moments in life.

Cassiel is the mysterious guardian of silence, the one who accompanies us through our most humble moments and listens to the whispers of our hearts.


2.🙏 Cassiel is not an angel encountered with grand fanfare or majestic appearances. No, this creature of divine love appears in the gentle company of silence, when night enfolds the earth and stars share their wisdom. In these moments of silence, when the stacks and tumult of life diminish to a whisper, Cassiel draws nearer.


3.🙏 The one who calls upon Cassiel discovers an angel who understands the fragility of human existence. Cassiel carries an invisible bouquet of comfort, and as they gently approach, they weave silky threads of peace around heavy hearts. There, in the silence where words lack power, Cassiel dances with the music of love.


4.🙏 Cassiel sees every tear that falls like a star-drop in the darkness of the night and gathers them as pearls of humility. This angel feels every pain, but instead of turning away, they extend their wings of solace and envelop us in a warm embrace.

Cassiel, the divine messenger of comfort, soothes the wounds of the soul with healing light.


5.🙏 It is said that Cassiel is present at transitions, when souls are released from their earthly bonds and journey towards the heavenly sphere. This angel carries the souls like butterflies on their wings and ensures they reach their new home with ease and peace.

Cassiel is a guide through the unknown, a companion in the silent dance of transition.


6.🙏 In the name of love, Cassiel extends their hands and weaves together the threads that connect all hearts. Their love is an invisible thread that braids destinies, a beam of divine light that shines through the darkness.

Cassiel teaches us that every moment is an opportunity for love, that silence can be filled with presence, and that the song of the heart is eternal.


7.🙏 So, when you feel the need for a loving embrace in moments of silence or when the night feels darkest, you can call upon the Angel Cassiel. In their presence, you will find a friend who holds your heart like a precious treasure and embraces you with a love that extends beyond time and space.

Cassiel, the silent angel, always waits in the wings of love.


Seek assistance from the Angels: 

Invoke your own personal Angel or Archangel Cassiel for guidance, clarity, help, and inspiration. ❤️


📯 I wish you a lovely month of February!


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