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To help you start, grow and scale your business, holistically and effifiently.

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Educator. Mother. Doglover.


Marita is an Internationally Certified Coach through ICC and Scandinavian Leadership School. With experience as a Project Manager in the global business arena and a track record of running multiple successful ventures in various business sectors. Marita, born and raised in Sweden, is one of Sweden's foremost educators and coaches, highly sought-after for her expertise and guidance.

I'm Marita Bladh, and for over 25 years I've been assisting individuals and entrepreneurs in creating systems, strategies, new products, and – most importantly – the mindset needed to significantly and consistently increase their profits, elevate their income, and simultaneously enjoy what they do.

So, whether you've recently launched your business or have been in operation for a decade, I want you to know that building a profitable business you love doesn't have to be challenging. Most likely, all you need to do is restructure your business and your products or services so they can generate more revenue without requiring you to work around the clock, all year long – or feel like an old sleazy car salesman! 😉

CBT. NLP. EFT. Sedona Method. Silva Method. LoA. Quantum Mechanics. Intuition. Ho'oponopono. Mindfulness. Affirmations. +1000 hours of coaching individuals, businesses, and families. Visualizations. Meditations. Paradigm Shifts. The Work. Breathing Techniques. Mindset Coaching. Special Education. Feng Shui. Childhood Programming. Body Language. Goal Setting. Sales. Pedagogy. Marketing & Branding. Project Management. And more...


T. Harv Eker. Tony Robbins. John Assaraf. Dr. Joe Dispenza. Marianne Williamson. Paul R. Scheele. Jack Canfield. Eckhart Tolle. Jeanna Gabellini. Christian Michelsen. Grant Cardone. Dr. Joe Vitale. Bob Proctor. Burt Goldman. Dr. Deepak Chopra. José Silva. Hale Dwoskin. Marissa Peer. And many, many more.

- And of course; my children! 🥰

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