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"6 Aspecs of You"
Astro Analysis


Exciting - Revealing - Comprehensive. 13 pages.

Welcome to a fascinating journey within yourself – a deep dive where you not only encounter your inner self but also your soul and the unique life mission waiting to be discovered. This analysis is the key to unlocking your spiritual longing and providing insights from past lives that illuminate your path forward. Not only are answers revealed to hidden obstacles that may cross your path, but also guidance on how to navigate them effectively. It is an adventurous mapping of your most unique gifts and opportunities in this life, where every word is like a loving string vibrating in harmony with your heart.

Live your life, discover your possibilities!

Get a comprehensive analysis that provides you with unexpected insights about yourself! Experience how exciting and liberating it can be to get to know yourself on a deeper level! // Discover your strengths and gifts // Explore the influences that affect you from past lives, both the positive and the somewhat challenging (but so important to know!). Get tips on where to focus your energy for richness and success. 



  1. Your zodiac sign: Get to know it

  2. North Node: Your predestined life mission

  3. South Node: Your life mission in past lives that influences you today

  4. Mars reveals your aggressive and instinctive nature and driving force

  5. The Moon reveals your soulful and emotional nature

  6. Rising Star: The person behind the facade: who you truly are, how you appear, and how others see you.

  7. EXTRA: Let Jupiter tell you how you can become successful and make money in a favourable way.



  1. Lilith - The dark side of you, what does it reveal?

  2. What this year will be like according to your zodiac sign, in general.

  3. Your personal Tarot card provides information about your best qualities - develop them, and your worst qualities - avoid them!

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6 Reasons to Book 6 Aspects of You

  1. It is a comprehensive analysis that provides you with unexpected insights about yourself.

  2. It is exciting and liberating to get to know yourself on a deeper level.

  3. It is wonderful to discover your fantastic gifts and opportunities.

  4. It is interesting to know the influences that affect us from past lives, both the positive and the challenging.

  5. It is enjoyable to know how to become most successful.

  6. It is interesting to know how others perceive us."

NOTE: You must include date, place, and time of birth in your order. The analysis is delivered digitally, as a PDF-file, to your email and comprises approx. 12-13 pages.

Astrology Map
Maritas story 6 Aspects of you

Marita's story:


Beautiful Bobby boy ❤️ R.I.P

Embarking on the journey of exploring my own "6 Aspects of You" turned out to be an adventure like no other. One of the most fascinating revelations was gaining insights into how others perceive me and unraveling the mysteries of being a Virgo. It was a mix of fun, a touch of scariness, and a whole lot of illumination – a rollercoaster of self-discovery, if you will. 😃

But the real jaw-dropping moment came when I delved into the analysis of my astrological chart. According to the stars, for me to unlock the doors of success, I should embrace stability and stay in one place without frequent moves. Now, here's the ironic twist: I happen to hold the title of the person who has moved more than 55 times! OMG! 🏠😱😃

As I reflected on this cosmic contradiction, it dawned on me that sometimes, our paths are meant to challenge the very advice we receive. The constant movement in my life may not align with the stars' recommendation for success, but it has undeniably shaped a unique and adventurous journey of its own. Perhaps, in my case, the key to success lies not in staying put but in embracing the ever-changing landscape that has been my life.

So, here I am, a Virgo with a penchant for movement, navigating the cosmos in my own way, finding success in the unpredictability of the journey. Life may have thrown me a cosmic curveball, but I've learned that sometimes, the most exciting stories are written when we dare to defy the stars. 😊💕

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