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ENG: Weekly Tarotscope: Predictions and Influences week 10, 2024 according to my Tarot Cards

MB Nova's Tarotscope - Est. 2009

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Hey there, beautiful soul, and welcome to this week's Tarotscope!

It's always a joy to share this moment with you and explore the magical possibilities that life has to offer right now. Are you ready for a week filled with insights, inspiration, and opportunities? Great! Together, let's uncover what the cards have to say and how they can help us navigate through this week with confidence and trust, so we can embrace life's possibilities and challenges with calmness and a sense of balance in both heart and mind.

So, let's dive into this week's messages and allow the wisdom of the Tarot cards to guide us towards the most fulfilling and rewarding paths ahead. 🌟💖

This week, we're guided by energies suggesting that we're entering a time of completion and success. This could mean finally wrapping up a long-standing project that has demanded a lot of our time and energy. It could also signify resolving issues that have been a source of worry and stress for a considerable period.

Examples of completion:
  • Work: Successfully finishing a project with positive results and/or finding resolutions to workplace issues.

  • Education: Completing studies, passing an exam, or finishing a thesis.

  • Relationships: Resolving conflicts or issues within relationships or taking the next step in a relationship.

  • Health: Achieving inner balance, overcoming health challenges, or finding a lifestyle that feels healthy and fulfilling.

  • Finances: Achieving financial goals, resolving financial problems, or paying off a loan.

It's a great week to feel proud of what we've accomplished so far in life and to use this positive energy to propel us towards our new goals. This doesn't mean we have to immediately dive into the next project or goal 😅, but taking that initial step is crucial so that we can truly benefit from the positive "momentum" that success has generated. 🌟 And remember always to celebrate your successes, both small and monumental! 🎉🎁

This week, it's also important that we take care of our mental health and actively work on breaking negative thought patterns. We do this best by becoming aware of our thoughts and keeping track of them so they don't run rampant, if we tend to fall into a negative spiral often.

Remember that "misery loves company." If we're feeling down, we risk attracting others who feel the same way (according to the Law of Attraction), which can amplify the misery even more. Practice self-reflection and mindfulness while also receiving positive support from others to overcome your inner struggles and find peace and clarity. Remember, "Willingness" is the first step, and the rest may be easier than you think. ❤️

It's also a good week to: Purchase a new computer, other tech gadgets, or items for your office. It's also an excellent time to tidy up your office and desk. (Good Feng Shui! 😊) Additionally, consider taking a course or buying a book that enhances your intellect, intuition, and skills. Oh, and it's a great week to buy a horse, participate in horse competitions, or purchase equipment for horses and equestrian sports. 🐴😊

Lucky color this week is white. Lucky number is: 7


💡 Tips: This week, it's really good to consider how we handle our finances to ensure stability and security for the future. It's about making wise choices, like avoiding unnecessary expenses on trivial items and instead perhaps investing in something that can benefit us in the long run; such as a course, a book, or education.

In other words, it's a great week to invest in things that can provide us with new or deepened knowledge and improve our chances of future income. 😊

🌿 Advice: This week is perfect for taking a break, relaxing, and treating yourself to some well-deserved rest and enjoyment. Whether it's with a glass of wine or freshly squeezed fruit juice, give yourself permission to just be and celebrate your successes - or simply your existence. 💕 When you take the time to enjoy the good things in life, you also send an important signal to others about the importance of taking care of oneself and not forgetting to enjoy life.

So, grab your glass, kick off your shoes, put your feet up, and lean back. Give yourself a smile and say to yourself: - Here I am, and I'm wonderful! 😊💕

🚧 Obstacle: Do you feel like others often oppose you or do you frequently encounter resistance from your surroundings? It can be frustrating, tiring, and even exhausting to constantly face resistance from others. But before you lose hope, perhaps it's worth considering why this is happening?

Sometimes it could be because we ourselves don't fully support our own work or opinions. Other times... could it be a stroke of bad luck? 🙃 Regardless of the cause, it's important to remember that you're not alone and that encountering resistance is entirely normal sometimes. To handle this, try to be patient, flexible, and communicate clearly to resolve any conflicts and prevent misunderstandings.

Yoga Affirmation


Here's an affirmation from my tarot school; MB Nova Tarot Academy. The card we receive is The Hermit from the Major Arcana. The affirmation goes:

I trust myself and my inner knowledge to make the very best decisions for me and my life. 🌟

A great reminder and affirmation for all of us and, especially, for those who tend to listen to others so much that it sometimes becomes difficult to make decisions at all. 💕


This week, it's important to balance work and play in your romantic relationship. While being productive and getting things done at home is essential, remember to prioritize time for relaxation and togetherness as well. You're together because you love each other. What's a little dust in the corners when love has time and space to expand and grow? 💕


This week, it looks favorable to meet someone through shared interests! And it could be someone you already know or are acquainted with. What are your interests? Is it something creative like singing or dancing? Is it within a club, another hobby, culture, or something similar? Take some time to think and take action! Best of luck! 🥰


That's all for this week, thanks for reading my Weekly Tarotscope!  😊🙏💖


P.S. In addition to creating the Weekly Tarotscopes and sending free healing 2 times a month, I work with Intuitive Guidance, spiritual courses, and services. Feel free to visit my website > Regards.

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