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Weekly Tarotscope: Predictions and Influences week 5, 2024 according to my Tarot Cards

Yes!! My Weekly Tarotscope is finally available in English again! 😊💖

MB Nova's Taroscope - Est. 2009

1. MB Nova Tips: The next Free Distant Healing is in week 6 (February 7). Keep an eye out for the invitation.


Hello beautiful souls,

I hope you are all doing very well, please enjoy this weeks Tarotscope. 💖


This week, it is important to balance our lives and not swing too much to one side or the other. Sometimes, it's time to take responsibility and be honest with yourself. Strive to be fair and consistent; it creates a better sense of harmony and "fair play," not just for others but also for yourself. Listen to your heart and act with integrity. 💖

At times, it simply becomes too much! We get a hint that this week, we might feel a bit overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions. Allow yourself to release unnecessary stress and focus on solving problems one step at a time. Perhaps it's time to talk to someone, a friend, or a therapist, to get some mental relief? Sometimes, when life feels a bit too much, it could also be because we're going through a phase of spiritual growth. The best way to navigate those periods might be to get a bit more sleep, engage in cozy activities, and be extra kind to ourselves.

Consider these cozy activities:

  • Reading a book: Curl up with a good book in a warm blanket.

  • Watching a movie or TV show: Especially in a comfortable setting with pillows and blankets.

  • Sipping a hot beverage: Enjoy a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.

  • Taking a warm bath: Add soothing elements like bubbles or bath salts.

  • Listening to music or a podcast: In a relaxed environment.

  • Spending time by the fireplace: If available, enjoy the warmth and ambiance.

The cards also want to remind us that even when we feel worn out, we have tremendous inner capacity. This is a good time to address challenges that require attention and focus. Use your analytical abilities and be brave enough to communicate your thoughts and opinions clearly and directly. By being sharp and straightforward, you can take control of the situation.

A favourable week also to: buy a new bed or bedding, seal windows, learn to meditate, and read books about renovating houses or things.

Lucky color this week is orange. Lucky numbers: 14 and 5.


🌸TIPS: This is a good week to remember that each of us has the ability to create our own reality. See opportunities where others see obstacles. Focus on your inner power center and use your willpower to change what you can. You are the master of your own destiny, so believe in yourself and your abilities. 💖

🌸ADVICE: This week, it's good to view every situation as an opportunity to learn something new. Be brave enough to question and explore your thoughts—don't take everything too seriously. It's okay to change your mind as you learn more and have different thoughts, and it's okay to feel uncertain. 💖

🚧 OBSTACLE: It's said that January is the poorest month of the year, but there's a risk that February might be tougher for some? Perhaps, in practice, it's not as bad, and it's mostly a feeling of being overwhelmed by finances—especially because interest rates, gasoline prices, and food prices are so much discussed in the media?

If you have problems, take small steps to manage and resolve them. Seek advice when needed and be open to making necessary changes in your financial strategy to create a more stable foundation for spring and summer.

🙏 AFFIRMATION: Here comes an affirmation from the Tarot School; MB Nova Tarot Academy. The card we get is Page of Pentacles from the Minor Arcana. The affirmation goes:

I take small steps toward my goals with an open heart and curiosity. I am strong, capable, and ready to embrace life's opportunities. I create my own future with joy and confidence. 💖


COUPLES: This week, some challenges may arise, but we also receive a reminder that these challenges can be overcome through better collaboration and more communication. Be open with each other about your needs and expectations. Challenge yourselves to grow together by overcoming problems. Give each other space to express your opinions and work together towards solutions. The key word here is: Collaboration. 💖

SINGLES: This week, it appears favorable to meet someone at a lecture or another place where there is a teacher. Exciting, good luck! :-)


That's it for this week, thanks for reading!  😊💖


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