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ENG: Weekly Tarotscope: Predictions and Influences week 7, 2024 according to my Tarot Cards

MB Nova's Tarotscope - Est. 2009

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Hello beautiful souls,

I hope you are all doing very well, please enjoy this week's Tarotscope. 💖

This week is filled with ideas and initiatives, thankfully imbued with deep wisdom and guidance as we navigate life's winding challenges and opportunities. We are entering a wonderful and exciting period of change and growth. This is a great time for those who recognize the need to let go of old patterns or mindsets to open themselves to new perspectives, new ways of thinking and acting. It's also about daring to let go of the 'lifebuoy' and swim on your own. Doing so will allow you to see yourself and the world from a different viewpoint. That's beneficial, as it's easy to become a bit home-blind or narrow-minded, isn't it? 😊

It's also a good week to practice patience and trust in the process - the Universe is on your side. Sometimes it may feel like we're stuck or at a standstill, but that's precisely when we have the opportunity to learn the most and grow as individuals. Have confidence that even though it may be a bit challenging at the moment, you will emerge from it stronger and wiser than ever before.

✨ And remember, sometimes it's good and worthwhile to sacrifice something for the greater good, to achieve bigger goals, or to help others. If you're facing a challenge (or a tough decision) right now, here's a reminder that you are stronger and more capable than you think, and every challenge is an opportunity to grow and flourish. And flourish we shall! 🥰🌼 Keep believing in yourself and continue moving forward with joy and confidence—you're on the right track. 💕

It's also a good week to:

  • Buy new clothes or mend old ones - or find ways to make them new again.

  • Engage in spiritual activities that strengthen our Crown Chakra (our connection with the Universe, God, Source, or whichever term holds significance for you).

  • Plan for or purchase decorative or fruit-bearing trees for the garden.

  • Learn more about climbing - perhaps visit a gym with a climbing wall? 😊

Lucky color this week is blue. Lucky numbers are: 12 and 3 (Yes, this week also 😊).


🌸 TIPS: Take the time to truly be present in fun and joyful moments (slow your mind down, try to stop yourself from thinking about a thousand other things at the same time). Whether they are small or big things, make sure to celebrate and fully enjoy them this week. Share your joy with others and create memories that will warm your heart for a long time to come. 🥰

🌸 ADVICE: This week, it's important that you take responsibility and truly use your talents, experiences, and knowledge to create the life you want. Confidence and creativity are your best tools right now - take control of your own destiny! 🌟

🚧 OBSTACLE: This week, you need to take the time to reflect on your current situation and thought patterns. There may be a tendency for you to be overly critical of yourself or others at times. (Realize how far you've come - and that others haven't. 💕) Strive to be a little more forgiving and humble in your interactions with others and avoid acting impulsively. Find the balance between being too straightforward and rational - and being empathetic. By being aware of your words and actions, you can avoid unnecessary conflicts and be the one who creates an atmosphere of understanding and respect.

🙏 AFFIRMATION: Here's an affirmation from my Tarot school; MB Nova Tarot Academy. The card we receive is Two of Pentacles from the Minor Arcana. The affirmation reads:

  • I create balance in my life, both emotionally and financially. I welcome abundance while managing my resources with responsibility and care.

COUPLES: If clouds of worry arise in your relationship this week, it's easy to forget what still remains to appreciate and be grateful for. Remember that you have each other and that your love can be an endless source of strength and comfort. Take the time to reflect on all the good and beautiful things you have created and experienced together, and let the amazing memories you share brighten up your day-to-day lives. One by one creates division - together you can overcome anything. 💕

SINGLES: This week, it looks favorable to meet someone in a place where there are small, tiny animals. Perhaps at the pet store, a zoo, or maybe a natural history museum (where they probably have taxidermy displays.😨) Maybe you can think of more places than I can? 🥰 Good luck to you dear!


That's all for this week, thanks for reading my Weekly Tarotscope!  😊🙏💖


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